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The Writer's Block

Sometimes True Stories of an Overactive Mind

Debbie Downer
27 February
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First and foremost I'm a writer with a love of fantasy, creativity, and culture. I'm a dreamer, a romantic, and overly sensitive. I'm also stubborn, brash, and uncouth.

If you're just here for my fiction, I'm sorry, but I will also post commentary on my life and thoughts. If your here for my commentary, I will also be posting my fiction. In my head, they're interrelated.

And on a less dramatic tone, I'm a 26-year old college student pursing a degree in Asian Studies with a focus on Japanese culture and language in Philadelphia. I like chocolate, boys who love other boys, cartoons, knitting, Arashi, coffee, cigarettes (I know, I'm sorry), and sharing what I love with others.