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Oct. 12th, 2012

I'm on blogger now for all my original fiction and so on and so forth:




So tired.  School has kicked my ass this week.

It's going to be a long semester.  I've lucked out with some pretty freaking awesome professors but I have classes every day, I didn't study as much Japanese as I meant to over the summer, and my backpack is already giving me pains in my neck (literally).  I already feel like I need coffee just to enjoy the end of my week without passing out.

But at least I got cleaning done already. Now I can play for a bit until I need to buckle down and work on my homework.

So tired.

I saw a leaf today and thought it was a frog.  Aly told me maybe it was a magical frog that turned into a leaf when I walked by.  I think she was just being nice/a compulsive liar.

I also saw a piece of wood in the middle of the street with a large nail sticking out of it (pointy end up).  Philly, what the hell is wrong with you?

There would be more I could say but eff it.

I'mma go get my ass some coffee.

2 Seddie WPs

So I just made three Seddie (iCarly) wallpapers and wanted to post them here.  Previews are here and link back to the original.  All are 1366 x 768 resolution, because I have a widescreen computer, so do with that what you will. 

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Thanks so much.  More probably coming soon as I have a couple other ideas, but I get to finally return home tomorrow so I'll be super busy.  We'll see.   Enjoy!

EDIT:  Sorry, just realized third link doesn't work but has been fixed now.  :)


Busy, Sicky Bee

Working on chapter by chapter/scene by scene summaries for Book 1 instead of working on bio sheets for minor characters.  <--  Naughty

Sadly, I don't get excited doing them.  I have so many characters that the minor ones I feel like--whatever.  I know enough about you to write you in my head.  But I really need to fill out the sheets because it rounds them out so much more.  And its nice to have a hella lot more than I shall ever need (no one is ever going to need to know any of their favorite colors).  It just feels like work, I guess.  Plot is so much more fun.  Which is interesting because I used to like working on characters more  than plot.  But I am not now taking a (short) break because I feel kind of drowsy from my tummy pills (and I'm not even sure that's supposed to happen).  Been feeling sick and feverish all day.

And still experiencing my bladder pressure issues that have been going on for the last seven weeks.  So sick of feeling like I have to pee every hour when I really don't.  So yeah, that makes me unhappy.

And I'm all alone tonight because BFF/room mate is hanging out with work friend doing god knows what.

It's so fun working on original fiction for a change instead of fanfic.  The only sad thing is I know I have no readership base waiting for immediate feedback because I will never post original fic online.  Too risky.  Don't even want to put up too much information.

Keep it secret; keep it safe.

Am a highly paranoid individual.

Being a Writer is Rough

Do people even know what a Mary-Sue is anymore?  Or where it comes from?  And what exactly it entails?  Because all I see is it getting thrown around to attack any female character someone doesn't like.  And every definition I see these days applies to basically any female character with any talents, any interesting/cool/horrible backstory, any female character who overcomes obstacles to be a powerful female in the end, any original female character in a fanfic...so basically, any female character in existence.  Period.  Except for extraordinarily weird ones that aren't really important to the main story or main characters at all.


Seriously.  How are people supposed to even write female characters anymore without them getting labelled as a Mary-Sue and make her part of the central story?  Because even canon characters can now be Mary-Sues, I guess.

Okay, I give

What is up with the Tom Felton/Rupert Grint love and why have I been out of the loop?  Seriously?  How long has this been going on?

Tupert?  Rom?  And Tom Felton started it!  Not to mention continues to be encouraged by both Tom and Rupert between Twitter posts, pics, and homemade 'I <3 Tom Felton' t-shirts.


And why does it make me secretly hope that this will surge the Ron/Draco fandom?  Because with all the Tupert love I'm seeing, they can't all be Ron/Draco fans.  I hope.

I think its no secret that I've been a hardcore Dron (How I hate the way this word looks and sounds) fan since practically the beginning of my Harry Potter obsession.  I'm still trying to find time to work on that AU story from forever ago for them.  So this...this is weird in a way I'm not sure how I feel about except that its totally weird and unexpected and how-did-I-miss-this!?

Thank you, Tom Felton.  You have inspired the Ron/Draco shipper in me.  :)

That's What I Call A Job Well Done

I have just successfully rough-outlined books 1-5.

Sitting in awe.

Could cry tears of joy.

EDIT: Suppose my journal can now be referenced to with milestones in the progress of this series.  Will at least be good for letting me know how far I've come and how far I have to go.

You're doing pre-writing for original fic and find yourself shipping two of your male characters you know are never going to get together.

Dear God, what is wrong with me.

Excuse Me While I Weep

I hate pre-writing.  I really do.  The closer I think I'm coming to actually being able to restart my novel after all the reworking I've done to it, the more things I find I need to do.

The more backstory each character gets, and the more tightened the ideas become, the more backstory I think I need.

I'm going to be crazy like Jo Rowling one of these days with boxes and boxes full of crap.  I've gotten to the point where I'm using a calculator to figure out years and ages and all sorts of crap.

I will never finish backstory.  I will just keep coming up with more and more backstory until I have a freaking history textbook on a fictional world.

How do you know when you go from 'necessary backstory that the writer needs' to 'way too much, you have now gone crazy backstory?'

And I have a non-villain villain who really isn't a villain that I spend more time on than my protagonist and a real-villain villain that came out of nowhere and terribly needs constructed.  Sure, he's got a name, and a motive, and sort of a personality, and cohorts, but I know nothing else about him, and that's an issue.  Because I was spending so much time on my original villain that somehow he became not-a-villain and the other guy stole his place, which, you know, I guess is very villain-like now that I come to it. 

I have at least three main character bios to fill out now and probably over a dozen minor character profile sheets all because I got a couple ideas.

Who knows if I have all my information properly organized?  I have so much now that I'm looking for a year or a detail and it feels like it fell into obscurity for a few minutes until I remember where I thought was the proper place to put it before.

Pre-writing is work.  I'm not even close to properly outlining.

I should have expected this.  A five part series is naturally going to take at least five times as long as one.


PS - Anyone know any good rock bands out there of the MCR/The Used/AFI-type loud variety?  I'm in need of something good to listen to while I do my prewriting and I find songs I already know distracting (Though The Used has been good to me lately).  :(

Random Burst of Happiness


Yabu makes me so happy.

Pretty hamster boy.  <3